Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda

September 16-17, 2017

OF OUR $85,000 GOAL


Top 10 Fundraisers

Mark Kulhawe

Amount Raised: $16203.6
Goal: $5500.00

Edgar Luck

Amount Raised: $5662.4
Goal: $5500.00

Tandem Tubbies

Amount Raised: $5000.8
Goal: $5000.00

Andy Harrington

Amount Raised: $4670.26
Goal: $4500.00

Corne Moerman

Amount Raised: $4660
Goal: $1500.00

Matthew Ursulak

Amount Raised: $3845.28
Goal: $3300.00

Paul and Taru Kemppainen

Amount Raised: $3830.05
Goal: $2500.00

Kyle Brown

Amount Raised: $3144.4
Goal: $1500.00

Rod Dubland

Amount Raised: $2801.2
Goal: $1500.00

Jake Kostelyk

Amount Raised: $2576.22
Goal: $2000.00

Why Ride?

Great people, gorgeous route, fantastic support, awesome weather (usually), terrific cause … and everyone is welcome! By riding, you will be helping tens of thousands of Rwandan children receive a quality education through the work of The Wellspring Foundation for Education.


Early Bird Registration is $200 and available until June 15th, after which it goes up to $300 until it closes September 2nd.


Teams can compete for The Wellspring Cup as part of our Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda Team Challenge!  See our Team Challenge page for all the details.

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Lake2Lake Rider group on Facebook

We have created a Lake2Lake - Rider Connections group on Facebook for you to use to connect with one another. We were thinking it could be used for things like organizing training rides, or carpooling to the event, or maybe just finding times to hang out together. Please feel free to use this for L2L related communications. No pressure to join (or stay in the group if we added you!) we just want to provide a platform for you to connect easily with other riders.