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Chris spent the weekend with us in the beautiful Okanagan/Shuswap for the Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda in support of The Wellspring Foundation. Here’s his ride review for Get Out There Magazine:

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Why I Keep on Cycling for Kids in Rwanda!

In just a couple of months, I will be travelling to the Okanagan to take part in the 5th Annual Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda, an event I look forward to every year. While this year marks the 5th anniversary of Lake2Lake, it will in fact be the 9th time that I have taken on a major cycling challenge to raise funds for The Wellspring Foundation. So why do I continue to ride year after year? The reason is simple: I truly believe in what Wellspring is doing. I care about education, and about giving children in Rwanda the opportunity to receive a quality education. Having visited Rwanda twice to see this work first-hand, and as a teacher myself, I see the revolutionary impact that Wellspring is having on education in Rwanda, and I’m excited to play a part in this.


Lisa after finishing the 2012 Lake2Lake.

How did this all start?

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Cycling With The Brakes On

Ericka Taylor rode in our 2012 Lake2Lake and had a fantastic first day. Day 2 however was a different story. Listen to Ericka share about her experience of riding on day 2 and how it relates to Rwandan students trying to succeed in their schools in light of the obstacles they face.

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I Heartily Recommend It

Mountain biking in Rwanda

Mathias Fellenz heard about the Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda after taking up road cycling in 2010. He wasn’t sure he could do a 220km ride over two days but the idea intrigued him. One ride and he was hooked—he would heartily recommend it to anyone! (Register Now!)

Since 2010 Mathias has learned more about the ride’s sponsor, The Wellspring Foundation for Education, and the work they do in Rwanda. This past spring Mathias and his wife Lora had the opportunity to be part of a vision trip to Rwanda where their understanding of Wellspring’s work and the country’s past, present, and future was further developed.

We had a chance to sit down with Mathias in Rwanda to talk about the Lake2Lake and Wellspring’s work to empower a new generation in Rwanda:

Registration Deadline is September 12:

Register Now!

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2012 Survey Responses

We are really excited for the 4th edition of the Lake2Lake. We received Rider Survey responses from 35 riders and Volunteer Survey responses from 10 volunteers. As we’ve planned the 2013 Lake2Lake we’ve taken many of your suggestions, comments and feedback into consideration.


You said: 54% heard about the Lake2Lake by word of mouth, 88% are likely to ride again and 97% would recommend it to a friend!
Our response: fantastic! We’d love to see you back again this year – registration opens Feb 14th. Bring a friend and check out our new Teams option.

You said: need better control when people leave at the start of each day.
Our response: this year you will enter your average cycling speed when you register and you will be started in groups, slowest to fastest.

You said: cost of accommodations at Eagle Bay Camp seems high for non-riders.
Our response: even though we have always charged overnighters what the camp charges us, we spoke with them and they reduced the overnight fee by $10!

You said: we had to move room assignments around to make sure we could stay with our friends.
Our response: make sure you register early! Priority is given for the lodge to riders by date of registration. If you have a roommate preference please enter that in the comment section when you register.

You said: more veggie options at lunch, dinner & BBQ please, and could we have food items at start line Saturday.
Our response: good idea, we have passed on your requests to Chef Todd! There will be food at the start line.

You said: it would be great to be able to communicate with others about ride sharing. Who is coming from where and needs a ride or who has room in their vehicle to take someone (or another bike).
Our response: checkout our facebook page and connect with others there.

You said: you love cycling and the idea of riding for a cause.
Our response: we encourage you to sign up as a fundraiser this year and transform education in Rwanda from the seat of your bike!


  • 100% said they were likely to volunteer again
  • 90% said they would recommend to a friend to volunteer
  • 80% said they would recommend to a friend to ride

Volunteers, our riders LOVED you! 94% of our riders were very satisfied with the ride support. They also said you were wonderful, had hearts of gold, and were very encouraging! We hope you and a friend will register online for this year’s ride as a volunteer or as a rider!

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Fundraising Leaders

Mark Kulhawe $4430.15
Andy Harrington $4322.23
Wes Robinson $2550.5
Jake Kostelyk $2384.05
Riley Merrell $2214.85

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