Complimentary Registration

In order to promote the Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda (L2L), we are offering a limited number of complimentary rider registrations (value of $200).  This includes all meals and accommodations during the ride.  To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • have not ridden the Lake2Lake before;
  • promote the ride to individual riders and cycling clubs in their local area and provide proof of such (eg. list sites where posters were put up, social media postings, newspaper articles, notes from people/groups contacted confirming promotion);
  • meet with the Wellspring Promotions Director after the Saturday portion of the ride;
  • provide written feedback regarding the Lake2Lake after completing the ride;
  • apply for the complimentary registration to, stating promotion plan and any cycling club affiliation;
  • applications for complimentary registration must be received by midnight June 30th.

If accepted, successful candidates can access the L2L Media Kit, which contains downloadable and printable posters, information about the ride and the ride beneficiary and their work. A promotional code to use for registering for the event will be emailed to each successful candidate. Thank you for being willing to promote our ride!

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Lake2Lake Rider group on Facebook

We have created a Lake2Lake - Rider Connections group on Facebook for you to use to connect with one another. We were thinking it could be used for things like organizing training rides, or carpooling to the event, or maybe just finding times to hang out together. Please feel free to use this for L2L related communications. No pressure to join (or stay in the group if we added you!) we just want to provide a platform for you to connect easily with other riders.