About Wellspring

The Wellspring Foundation for Education

Funds raised through cycling in the Lake2Lake ride will impact 195,000+ children, their teachers, leaders, parents, and wider communities, through the work of The Wellspring Foundation in Rwandan schools.


Wellspring works to empower a new generation of Rwandan leaders through education that transforms lives. Wellspring’s team of Rwandan trainers works with all stakeholders – school leaders, teachers, parents, and community leaders – in 134 public schools, equipping them to see these schools transformed into vibrant learning communities in which 195,000+ children can thrive and fulfil their potential. We are seeing incredible change taking place in these schools, with improved exam results, more children completing primary school and transitioning to secondary, increased teacher confidence, and stronger leadership. In addition to the quantifiable results, change is taking place at a heart level, as teachers truly understand their own value and the value of the children they serve – and this change is impacting many lives, both in the classroom and in the wider community. Funds raised through Lake2Lake play a huge part in helping these 134 Rwandan schools to experience sustainable change that will truly transform the lives of Rwanda’s next generation.


In 1994, Rwanda experienced the horror of genocide – a tragedy that has been compared to three 9/11s every day for 100 days. This event, and the turmoil that preceded it, decimated Rwanda’s education system, political stability, and health care.  Over the past two decades, as the nation has rebuilt and worked hard to move into a united and hopeful future, it has been essential to ensure that Rwanda’s next generation is equipped for this future, through a quality values-based education.


As Rwandans continue working to overcome the legacy of the genocide, education is key to this process. There are huge challenges – with many children learning in overcrowded classrooms, with staff morale often low and absenteeism often high, and many teachers lacking certification, ongoing training, resources, and adequate pay. But there is hope. Transformation is possible, and Wellspring is experiencing this first-hand, in remarkable ways.

Learn more and find out how you can get involved at: thewellspringfoundation.org