2011 Lake2Lake a HUGE success

With more that double the riders from our inaugural event, and a mixed bag of weather heading in the weekend, we were sure it would once again be a weekend to remember—and it was!

The 'Langley Crew'

Thank you riders for hopping on your bikes Saturday morning knowing the rain and cold were just around the corner. You are an amazing group of people who wanted to help make a difference in education in Rwanda, and your fundraising efforts will do just that… you’ve raised over $68,000! THANK YOU!

The sun on Sunday morning was a welcome friend. Aside from a few injuries, everyone made it safely across the finish.

Wellspring would also like to thank our many sponsors for donating prizes and items to support riders along the way. We’d also like to thank the many volunteers who made this event possible. Without them Lake2Lake would not have happened.

A few items for those of you involved in this year’s ride:

  1. We have started to post photos from the ride to Facebook and our Flickr account. You can also check the sidebar to the right for photos fed in from Flickr. If you’ve got a Facebook account, we’d love it if you would tag yourself and your friends in the photos. If you have photo’s, we’d love it if you were able to post your photos to online as well (you can add them to our Facebook Album if you like), just let us know where you’ve put them.
  2. Check your email for a survey from us. It got sent out about a week ago. We’re looking for feedback from both Riders and Volunteers to help make 2012′s Lake2Lake even better. If you haven’t completed it yet, we would be thankful if you did that now.

We are so excited for next year and hope to see all of you there! Stay tuned for the announcement of next year’s dates!