1. Why this ride vs. other rides out there?
    The Lake2Lake ride is an overnight, fun weekend ride that focusses on making friends while enjoying the amazing scenery of the North Okanagan and raising funds for a terrific cause. The ride is fully supported, which means you are well taken care of from the moment you arrive until the moment the ride is over (see Q2 below for more details). The best reason of all to participate though: to raise funds to support bringing QUALITY education to over 175,000 kids in Rwanda!
  2. What does fully supported mean?
    It means we will do the very best we can to make sure you are taken care of over the weekend. You will receive a rider bag with snacks, a route map with emergency numbers, and swag;  the entire course is clearly marked with signage and volunteers to direct, assist and encourage you along the way; vehicle support crew will provide bicycle support for flat tires and transport to a bike shop for major issues; paramedic coverage en route; luggage transport to Eagle Bay Camp; overnight vehicle parking; transport and access to a small gear bag at lunch stop; a bed to sleep in Sat. night; food all weekend, including coffee and muffins at the start, two rest stops and a lunch stop each day, cookies and milk post ride Saturday, supper Saturday night, optional free massage post-ride on Saturday, after-dinner program Saturday night including draws for free stuff, and a campfire, breakfast Sunday morning, and a BBQ post-ride on Sunday. How’s that for fully-supported?!
  3. Is this a race?
    No. It is a recreational, non-competitive ride.  The only competitive aspect is the race you make amongst yourselves and in the fundraising category for the bragging rights of hoisting the Wellspring Cup.
  4. Why is it important to state what speed I ride at?
    We send off riders at the start of each day according to their average riding speed so that you are more likely to find someone who rides at a comparable pace to you. Send off @ 9AM – < 20km/hr; @ 9:15 AM – 20-25km/hr; and @ 9:30 – > 25km/hr
  5. How hilly is the route? Will I receive a route map?
    There are four hills of some attention each day, ranging from 2.5-5km long; check out the Route Maps here. Yes, a route map will be in your rider bag.
  6. How can my family be involved?
    Families are encouraged to attend and, if there is room, stay overnight at the camp. Priority, however, is given to riders.  Each year the ride is in need of volunteers.  A spouse or older child may register as a volunteer and receive free food and a reduced lodging cost.
  7. Should I still fundraise if I’m not confident I can hit one of the fundraising targets?
    Of course! By fundraising, you are contributing to the quality education of 175,000 children in Rwanda, as well as the development of their teachers, school leaders, and wider communities.  Every penny counts!
  8. How do I setup my Fundraising Page?
    Please visit our Fundraise with Us page for details on setting up and editing your Fundraising Page.
  9. Do I need to bring cash for anything?
    All food for the weekend is included in the ride. You may wish to bring money for additional snacks, bike repairs, or official Lake2Lake merchandise like jerseys, t-shirts, arm warmers, or socks.
  10. Where is a good place to stay the night before the ride?
    Check out our Accommodations page for info.
  11. Where do I park my car for the weekend?
    Riders can leave their cars in the Vernon Christian School parking lot for free for the weekend.
  12. What should I bring to sleep overnight at the camp?
    Sheets/sleeping bag, blankets, pillow and towel, and all personal toiletries and effects.  There is a campfire Saturday night so you may want to bring a fleece/toque. Make sure all your gear is self contained and well labelled with your name and phone number.
  13. How does my gear get to Eagle Bay Camp for Saturday night and back?
    Your gear will be transported to camp in a covered vehicle and will be there when you arrive.  On Sunday, the gear truck will arrive back at Vernon Christian School by 2:30pm.
  14. Can I access any of my gear during the ride?
    Yes, you may pack a small backpack with gear (rainwear, sunscreen etc.) – again, well marked with your name and phone number – and be able to access it at the lunch stop each day.
  15. Where are the rest stops along the way each day?
    On Day 1, there are two snack stops at 22km and 87km and a lunch stop at 57km.  On Day 2, the two snack stops are at 20km and 85km and lunch at 53km.
  16. What if I can’t make it the whole way?
    We have a fabulous team of vehicle support drivers who will pick you up and make sure you get to either the next rest stop or to the end of the day’s ride.
  17. What if I have trouble with my bike en route?
    Besides our Vehicle Support drivers en route, there will be one bike support volunteer for each half of the course on each day who will carry equipment to fix a flat or be able to take you to a bike shop for repairs.
  18. I’m not staying overnight at Eagle Bay Camp.  Will my registration fee be reduced?
    No, there is an all-inclusive fee for the ride …  and just a reminder that if you don’t stay at the camp, you will miss out on a lot of fun!
  19. What about bike security overnight Saturday?
    All bikes will be put inside at Eagle Bay camp, and will be secure.
  20. Do the Camp bunks have mattresses or should I bring a foamy?
    All beds at camp have a mattress.
  21. Are the cabins heated?
    The cabins are not heated so you may want to bring an extra blanket.  You will be notified by email ahead of time if you are assigned to a cabin.  The beds in the lodge are given priority to riders on a first registered, first placed basis.  Families may expect to be lodged in cabins to make best use of the space we have.
  22. Once I reach my fundraising goal, will my registration fee be reimbursed?
    Yes—ride registration fees will be refunded on October 16, once all fundraising pledges have been received.
  23. Are there any restrictions on fundraising rules or ideas?
    Currently we have no rules regarding fundraising; we only ask that you raise funds in a legal and ethical way.  Once you register as an individual or team, you will receive a set of emails to help you set up your fundraising page and provide you with ideas and strategies for making your fundraising experience fun and successful.  Many Canadian companies support charities through a range of corporate giving initiatives, which are often part of their commitment to being socially responsible organizations.  If you work for a company who donates towards your fundraising goal, let us know.  We can send you a Wellspring logo to forward on to the company to proudly display on its social media site(s) or website, showing its commitment to being supportive of socially responsible, sustainable initiatives like The Wellspring Foundation for Education.
  24. Can I get a refund once I have registered?
    Check out our Refund & Transfers page.
  25. What kind of food is supplied during the ride itself, and will I have to pay for it?
    The food provided is free. At the rest stops there will be water, Sun Rype bars and juice, pretzels, and fruit.  At lunch there will be wraps and chips, in addition to the same rest stop items. There are gluten/dairy free options available at each stop, as long as you let us know these restrictions when you register. 3 Solo bars and electrolyte replacement will be available in your Rider bag.
  26. What type of medical support is provided?
    Please carry your own medication to cover known conditions, and plan ahead for common occurrences such as muscle fatigue, saddle sores, sunburn, and chapped lips. A paramedic will be available during the entire ride.
  27. Is there a rider package sent out before the ride?
    Yes, the Lake2Lake Ride Guide will be sent out via email.
  28. I’m coming from the Coast.  Is there anyone else coming who I could carpool with?
    Please join our Facebook Group Lake2Lake – Rider Connections. Anyone looking to give or receive a ride can talk to each other and make their own arrangements there.
  29. Is there a Lost & Found?
    Yes.  Any items found on Saturday will be brought to the Saturday night dinner, and there will be a lost and found box in the dining hall. Any items found on Sunday will be turned in at the BBQ, and there will be a lost and found box by the food table. After the ride, contact kristie@lake2lake.org
  30. When will tax receipts be sent out for donations?
    Tax receipts will be emailed to donors shortly after they complete their donation. If a donor lives in the USA and gives through the USA specific giving page, Wellspring will send out their tax receipt at the end of the calendar year.  A receipt may be specifically requested before then by emailing barb@thewellspringfoundation.org
  31. I’m not a road cyclist but I do ride an e-bike. Can I ride my e-bike at Lake2Lake?
    Yes. Lake2Lake is a ride, not a race. The goal is to raise funds for Wellspring while having a great time riding our bikes. You are welcome to ride your e-bike.
  32. If I still have a question and can’t find it on the website, who should I contact?
    Please send any other questions to info@lake2lake.org