1. What if I don’t have a bike?
    No problem at all! This is your year! You can choose to walk, run, or find some other creative physical activity that challenges you as you raise funds and awareness for the work of Wellspring.
  2. Is this a race?
    No. It is a recreational, non-competitive ride, walk or run.  The only features that might bring out your competitive streak are the great fundraising prizes we have in store!
  3. How can my family be involved?
    We’ve created the family rate to encourage families to participate together as a household unit. Find a fun hike to complete, ride your bikes around your neighbourhood, or start a family training plan so that you can all run together!  
  4. Should I still fundraise if I’m not confident I can hit one of the fundraising targets?
    Of course! By fundraising, you are contributing to the quality education of over 195,000 children in Rwanda, as well as the development of their teachers, school leaders, and wider communities. Every dollar makes a difference!
  5. How do I set-up my Fundraising Page?
    Please visit  _________ for details on setting up and editing your Fundraising Page.
  6. What if I can’t participate both days?
    No worries! You can choose to complete your activity over the weekend, on one day, or even on a different day that works for you. You’ll have opportunities to connect with fellow Lake2Lakers over the course of the weekend, so whenever your activity takes place, you’ll still be able to join in on the fun and make a difference as you raise funds for Wellspring’s work.
  7. What if I can’t complete the distance I committed to?
    That’s OK! We recognize that sometimes life surprises us with challenges, curveballs, and unexpected commitments. Lake2Lake is not a race, and the goal is to have fun while being active, as you raise funds and awareness for the work of Wellspring. We encourage you to do what you can on the weekend and, if you can, complete the distance at another time. Let us know if you do, so we can celebrate with you!
  8. Are there any restrictions on fundraising rules or ideas?
    Currently we have no rules regarding fundraising; we only ask that you raise funds in a legal and ethical way. Once you register as an individual or team, you will receive a set of emails to help you set up your fundraising page and provide you with ideas and strategies for making your fundraising experience fun and successful. Many Canadian companies support charities through a range of corporate giving initiatives, which are often part of their commitment to being socially responsible organizations. If you work for a company that donates towards your fundraising goal, let us know. We can send you a Wellspring logo to forward on to the company to proudly display on its social media site(s) or website, showing its commitment to being supportive of socially responsible, sustainable initiatives like The Wellspring Foundation for Education.
  9. Can I get a refund once I have registered?
    Check out our Refund & Transfers page.
  10. When will tax receipts be sent out for donations?
    Tax receipts will be emailed to donors shortly after they complete their donation. If a donor lives in the USA and gives through the USA specific giving page, Wellspring will send out their tax receipt at the end of the calendar year.  A receipt may be specifically requested before then by emailing barb@thewellspringfoundation.org
  11. I’m not a road cyclist but I do ride an e-bike. Can I ride my e-bike for Lake2Lake?
    Yes. Lake2Lake is a ride, not a race. The goal is to raise funds for Wellspring while having a great time riding our bikes. You are welcome to ride your e-bike.
  12. If I still have a question and can’t find it on the website, who should I contact?
    Please send any other questions to info@lake2lake.org