Hall of Fame

The Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda is a fun, energetic, and impactful event that year after year brings riders from across and beyond BC to cycle together for a common cause. With each push of the pedal, riders have the opportunity to bring thousands of Rwandan children a step closer to receiving the quality education that will transform their lives today and their opportunities in the future. All funds raised go directly towards the work of the Wellspring Foundation for Education, and to date that equates to over $600,000! Lake2Lake riders, you are making a huge difference, and that’s why we want to honour you in this Hall of Fame. Quite simply, Lake2Lake wouldn’t exist without your efforts, generosity, and sacrifice. On behalf of our team, and the teachers, leaders, parents, and students we serve in Rwanda – thank you!

Top Fundraisers


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Sponsored by Fastik

10th Anniversary Ride – September 14-15, 2019

Top Fundraising Team –

Top Fundraising Rookie Rider –

Top Fundraising Veteran Riders:

1st Place –

2nd Place –

3rd Place –

Oldest Rider –

Youngest Rider –

Rider from Furthest Away –

9th Annual Ride – September 15-16, 2018

Top Fundraising Team – Two Day Sprint (Kyle Brown, David Kostelyk, Jake Kostelyk, Corne Moerman)

Top Fundraising Rookie Rider – Joshua Wiebe

Top Fundraising Veteran Riders:

1st Place – Mark Kulhawe

2nd Place – Shirley Malnis

3rd Place – Edgar Luck

Oldest Rider – Ed Lifton

Youngest Rider – Michael Denman

Rider from Furthest Away – Adam George (Peace River, AB)

8th Annual Ride – September 16-17, 2017

Top Fundraising Team – The Rolling Finns & Tandem Tubbies (Paul & Taru Kemppainen, Gerry & Shirley Malnis)

Top Fundraising Rookie Rider – Corne Moerman

Top Fundraising Veteran Rider – Mark Kulhawe

Oldest Rider – Don Titus

Youngest Rider – Matthew Ursulak

Rider from Furthest Away – Brett Barmby (Quebec City, QC)

7th Annual Ride – September 17-18, 2016

Top Fundraising Team – Team Zab (Kelsey Zabolotniuk, Mel Zabolotniuk, Taryn Zabolotniuk)

Top Fundraising Individual – Mark Kulhawe

Oldest Rider – Ed Lifton

Youngest Rider – Michael Denman

Rider from Furthest Away – Alain Janovjak (Hegenheim, France)

6th Annual Ride – September 19-20, 2015

Top Fundraising Team – Team Board-Deaux (Stephen Bennett, Edgar Luck, Rod Binder, Gerry Malnis)

Oldest Rider – Don Titus

Rider from Furthest Away – Alastair Bisset (Scotland, UK)