Team Challenge

Here is the WELLSPRING CUP! Rwandan artist Laurent Hategekimana has done his work and now it is time for you to do yours!! Want bragging rights for a year? Form a team of 4 riders, get training and start fundraising! Early Bird Registration ends June 15th.

Compete for the Wellspring Cup!

Teams of four have the opportunity to challenge one another, each with a minimum fundraising goal of $5,000, in support of the Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda.  The honour of hoisting the “Wellspring Cup,” a perpetual trophy, goes to the team who raises the most funds for the ride. And who doesn’t want those bragging rights for a year?

Why should I enter a team?

Groups of friends, cycling club members or co-workers are invited to form teams and challenge others to form a team. It is an opportunity to ride with your colleagues, customers and friends in a good-natured rivalry.

Team challenges are a great team-building tool for those who work together.  Benefits include increased camaraderie while riding and training together, physical and mental conditioning, competitive fun with others in the same industry, and an opportunity to informally promote your company.

How will the team challenge work?

Team Captains

A Team Captain will recruit three other members to form a team.

To Create a Team Fundraising Page:

  • Team Captains if not yet registered, visit our registration site.
  • Once registered, visit our Fundraise with Us page for details on setting up your Fundraising Page.
  • Upload a photo, fill in your team name, and set your fundraising goal.
  • Lastly, let your team members know the name of your team.

Team Members

To Join a Team Fundraising Page:

Although it is not required to post a challenge, captains are strongly encouraged to gather their team together and send out a video challenge by email/Facebook to other individuals to enter a team too!

TEAM BOARD-DEAUX won the Wellspring Cup!
TEAM BOARD-DEAUX won the inaugural Wellspring Cup in 2015!

Team Details

  • Each team consists of four members.
  • If you are from outside Vernon and register your team by the Early Bird deadline, your team names will be entered into our draw for free accommodation the Friday night before the ride.
  • The team name is registered by the captain through the site, and then each team member registers independently under their team name.
  • Each team can register a challenge to another individual/group by creating an original challenge video (30 sec. max), and sending it by email or Facebook post AND by emailing Jayson so he can publishing the challenge on the Lake2Lake website. The challenged team will accept the challenge by emailing Jayson as well.  That team may, in turn, challenge someone else with their own video post.
  • Pledge pages will be set up for team members on the Lake2Lake website.
  • The team who has the greatest amount in pledges by the ride date will be presented with the Wellspring Cup during the Saturday evening program of the ride, and will have bragging rights for a year. The team name and year will be inscribed on the cup.
  • A photo of the winning team will be posted on all Wellspring and Lake2Lake social media, and be included with an article in The Source, Wellspring’s online newsletter, as well as in the local newspapers (upon team approval).

Do you have suggestions for raising funds?

Once you register, you will receive a series of event emails that will give you some fundraising ideas.  Many Canadian companies support charities through a range of corporate giving initiatives, which are often part of their commitment to being socially responsible organizations.  If you work for a company who donates towards your fundraising goal, let us know.  We can send you a Wellspring logo to forward on to the company to proudly display on its social media site(s) or website, showing its commitment to being supportive of socially responsible, sustainable initiatives like The Wellspring Foundation for Education.

What if my team wants to create our own jersey?

There are several options out there for having your own team jerseys designed.  You may even choose to offer jerseys as a fundraising option for your team.  Check out Jackroo, the company who supply our Lake2Lake jerseys.

Ready to Register your Team?