2019 Lake2Lake Impact

It has been 4 months since the 2019 Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda took place, and so much has happened in our Wellspring world! You have played a part in making this all possible! Through your involvement, you have collaborated with our Lake2Lake community to propel the work of Wellspring forward in significant ways. Because you have contributed to this work, we want to celebrate with you all the good things that are taking place! 

Over the past four months, our team in Rwanda have: 

  • Led a new 4-day workshop on Early Childhood Education to 89 pre-primary (kindergarten) teachers in the Rubavu District. Read on to hear more about the impact of this training.  
  • Traveled to all 12 school sectors of Rubavu to facilitate 2-day workshops for teachers, where they learned how to integrate values into their lessons and how to utilize positive behavior management. Many of the teachers pledged to not only make changes in their classrooms, but also in their homes.  
  • Visited all 75 Rubavu primary schools to provide individualized support, deliver model lessons, and ensure that teachers are well-equipped to implement all that they learned from our training in 2019.
  • Conducted workshops with key community members and professional development coordinators in the Gasabo District, the area of Rwanda where our work first began. 
  • Participated in our Leadership Retreat where our Wellspring team celebrated the accomplishments of the past four years and strategically mapped out the coming four years for Wellspring. 
  • Followed up with the parent leaders who participated in our modules on Healthy Families & Healthy Communities, Positive Behaviour Management & Positive Parenting, and Gender & Girls’ Education.

The 4-day training workshop in the Rubavu District was actually Wellspring’s first experience with teachers of this early level of learning. Our team of Wellspring trainers helped these teachers understand how to teach early learners, use teaching aids, set up learning corners in the classroom, impart values to the children, and use positive behavior management strategies. These teachers were so thankful – they testified that no one had ever considered them as important or valued the work that they do. They promised to go and change the way they have been teaching, as well as how they treat the children in their care. They even invited our trainers to come back to their schools to witness how they’re applying what they have learned! 

We are excited for the good things that are taking place in Rwandan classrooms. Through your support, we have seen tangible growth in our work of shaping teachers and leaders in Rwanda. Children who once had no hope are now dreaming and preparing for a new future of possibility. Teachers are being equipped to reach their potential as leaders, mentors, and encouragers for their students. Parents and local leaders are being inspired to create sustainable changes using their own resources. And communities are making changes that mean the entire educational experience of their children is being transformed. This is truly worth celebrating! 

If you’d like to partner with our work on a monthly basis, we have a unique School Partner Program that allows you the privilege of tracking with a school on an ongoing basis to hear about their transformation journey. If you are interested, click here for more information. 

We also hope you’ll consider joining us for this year’s upcoming ride, September 19-20th. Whether you ride the route, join the crew, or donate to a rider, every contribution makes a difference! Registration will open in April, so be sure to watch our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. We hope to see you there! 

As always, if you have questions or would like to share your feedback with us, I’m more than happy to connect with you. All the best to you in 2020!!

Kristie Voth
Lake2Lake Coordinator