Frank den Hoed

Frank den Hoed rode Lake2Lake for the first time last year—and LOVED it! He’s become a great ambassador for the event, wearing his Lake2Lake jersey while riding all over the Lower Mainland, and helping to organize training rides too. We got the chance to ask Frank a few questions to hear his thoughts on the ride.

Here’s what he had to say:

L2L: What brought you to the Lake2Lake ride last year?

Frank den Hoed: A close friend is a sponsor of the Lake2Lake, and he completes the ride every year. Last year he asked if I’d consider joining him on this ride. It was easy to say yes as I’m very familiar with Wellspring. I have friends that are currently in Rwanda working for Wellspring and serving the community there, and I’ve had several friends visit Rwanda over the years and have heard their stories, hence the connection I feel.

L2L: Have you participated in other organized rides prior to the Lake2Lake, and if yes, how does this ride compare?

FdH: I’ve participated in several organized rides prior to the Lake2Lake; Banff, Whistler, Penticton and Ft Langley have annual Granfondo rides that get a huge turnout, and I recommend that all riders experience that type of event at least once, but the Lake2Lake rises above these for several reasons, but I’ll speak to the two main ones for me.

You’re not riding this ride for a participation medal or bragging rights, you’re riding this ride to help change a nation. That’s epic! If you’re reading this and you own a home or car, have a bank account, have post-secondary education, have access to health care, you are in the top 2% of worlds population for wealth. This should come with a sense of gratitude, humility, and responsibility. Gratitude dissolves entitlement, humility adds perspective, and responsibility demands action. I strongly believe our action should be both local AND global. By riding in the Lake2Lake and partnering with Wellspring, I can sleep well knowing that my efforts are helping their efforts to make this world a better place.

There is a level of intimacy that makes the Lake2Lake so unique. On other big rides, once you’ve cross the finish line and have devoured your free burger and beer with your friends, that’s it. At the Lake2 Lake, once you cross the finish line that first day, it’s really just the beginning. Chocolate milk in abundance, hot showers and massages are only a small part of the experience. You’ll be dining with your fellow riders (dinner and breakfast), lounging with them throughout the evening (either in the meeting hall or perhaps around the campfire down by the lake), and laughing with them. After a long first day, it’s a treat to be situated in such a peaceful, relaxing setting while hanging out with likeminded cyclists. You’ve started the ride as fellow cyclists, you’ll end the ride feeling like you’ve become part of the family.

L2L: What advice do you have for those considering joining this event?

FdH: Do it! Whether it’s as a rider, volunteer or through sponsorship, get involved and make Wellspring & Rwanda your global mission.

If you’re a seasoned cyclist, you can look forward to a different route each day with awe inspiring views, keep your head up lest you miss the awesomeness!

If you’re considering riding the Lake2Lake but are new to cycling, try to get one or two group rides under your belt prior to the Lake2Lake, and also try to get in at least one ride in that’ll be close to the distance you’d ride on one of the Lake2Lake days. This will help you to gauge your fitness level and tweak your bike fit. Get on the Lake2Lake Facebook page and look for a training ride in your area (Vernon/Shuswap or Lower Mainland) and join in. You’ll get to know some of the other riders and might even scoop a ride to the event. Keep in mind the Lake2Lake is not a race, it’s a ride, and rides are meant to be fun!

If you’re unable to ride, consider volunteering either at a rest stop handing out hot coffee and snacks, or on the road helping to keep riders safe and on route. Whatever you do, get involved. You’ll never regret being a part of the team that helped changed a nation.

I hope to see you there!


The 2017 Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda is September 16-17, 2017

The Lake2Lake is a two day, non-competitive, fully supported ride stretching over 220km in BC’s stunning Okanagan/Shuswap region.

Registration Deadline is September 2!