As I rested in my hospital bed recovering from a massive liver resection, I started to strategize my recovery plan. Cancer would not rob me of my joy, peace, or dreams. Nope … not gonna have it! (I’m pretty stubborn like that)! You see, I’m a personal trainer, and goals are kinda my thing! I’m an avid runner and outdoor junkie, etc. However, the stark reality of only being able to take 8 steps that first day post-surgery hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that I needed a way to pull myself out of the physical pain, and get myself back to my usual strong. As much as my doctors tried to prepare me, that first day after surgery was a bit of a shock! I knew I needed to set some big goals.

I had heard a little about Lake2Lake. A couple of women from my church family had done it, and I started to inquire more about it. I checked out the website, learned about Wellspring & Lake2Lake, and I immediately thought that this might be for me. As a trainer I have always challenged my clients to set goals that go beyond just themselves. I have always believed that we are more than just physical bodies. We are spiritual beings, living in a physical body. I have also witnessed and experienced the absolute fun it is to give! To me, the practice of generosity comes from a place of responsibility and deep gratitude. I loved the fact that I could make a goal that would challenge me physically as I healed, but also allow me to be generous as a way to express my profound gratitude.

I had some experience with cycling, but I had never cycled 200k! I wanted to do something with my hubby Greg who LOVES cycling. So we decided 3 months post-surgery that this would be one of our shared goals for 2018. The registration was my birthday gift. My reasons for doing it were many! Some of my reasons for doing it may seem selfish (which they were … but hey, it’s my birthday gift, I’m allowed to be a tad selfish), and my other reasons for doing it were for the shared Wellspring vision and mission. Here’s my list:

  1. It’s simply fun to help, serve, and give.
  2. As the child of 2 Colombian refugees, I understood the devastation of war on a personal level. I believe wholeheartedly in the vision of Wellspring.
  3. Helping kids in Rwanda receive quality education. Ummm … this is a no brainer!
  4. A physical goal, to get me back to my strong.
  5. To scope out this ride so I could encourage future clients to do it too.
  6. Shared time with my hubby, Greg. (Excellent weekend date! I highly recommend it!)
  7. Getting my nature fix … (did I mention, I’m an outdoor junkie?)
  8. My close friend Cheryle Restiaux (69yrs young) was doing it too! She’s my kind of crazy! I wanted to encourage her as much as she inspires me.
  9. Adventure, fun, and play … it’s important, even for us adults! It’s good for the soul!
  10. Body, mind, and spirit health.
  11. It’s a privilege to move our bodies … every breath is a breath of thanksgiving.
  12. As a global member of society, we all need to take interest & responsibility for our fellow brothers and sisters across the globe. All people, not just in our own little, comfy, cushy, bubble.
  13. Transformation in the happening!
  14. Being surrounded by other positive, vibrant, crazy peeps! Sounds like a good time!
  15. It scared me … 200k! Yikes!

What can I say? The experience was AAAAA-MAZING! Truly it was fun, hard, beautiful, peaceful, inspirational, and simply fun! The landscapes were stunning! The people were all belly-laughing, kind-hearted, positive peeps, who were in it to be of service to their fellow Rwandan family. The food and lodging were much more than I had expected. Oh yes … the massage!!!! That was the cherry on top for me! LOVED it! Because of my job, I’ve done races of all sorts. From marathons, triathlons, fondos, etc. … but this one stands out by far as one of my favourites.

It was a great Sunday service! We met so many incredible people and heard their stories as we cycled together in community. Moving our bodies, singing on our bikes in God’s magnificent creation, seeing people both young and “old-ish” (remember, age is just a number) riding their bikes all for a greater purpose than themselves. A bigger picture……..A vision to be a catalyst for transforming education in Africa and to foster vibrant communities that address poverty in all its forms. Thank you Wellspring!