One of the best family weekends

In 2014, my husband Grant rode in the Lake2Lake ride as part of a corporate team.  At that time he was looking for a challenging ride with more of a community feel. 2014 marked the 5th Annual Lake2Lake ride and the 10th year of Wellspring.  To celebrate, the Wellspring Foundation wanted to give the experience of a vision trip for two people to Rwanda to one lucky rider. Grant’s name was drawn, and in 2015 the two of us travelled to Rwanda.  The rest is history!

After our experience in Rwanda, and getting to spend time with the staff at Wellspring and the schools which they have worked with, it was evident that the Wellspring Foundation was making a huge difference in the lives of Rwandan children. Our experience was beyond our wildest expectations.  In ten short days, we fell in love with the country and the people. 

This is why every September since 2015, myself along with our three children (Adrian, Talia, and Eve) volunteer our time for the Lake2Lake ride.  We start out in Vernon and make our way to Eagle Bay, driving along the cycling route encouraging riders along the way. Our first stop is always at the lunch stop where we line ourselves along the walkway cheering on the riders as they climb the hill.  Every year we see a lot of the same smiling faces all pedalling through varying weather conditions for the same common goal. We are assigned various tasks such as luggage delivery to the rooms, bike storage, presentation set-up, and helping out at the barbecue.  Throughout the weekend we get to connect with all the riders and staff.   

In the evening during the Wellspring presentations we always get an update on how much money was raised, and without fail this small group of riders always exceed expectations.  We will continue to come back year after year to be a very small part of something that is so big. The weekend we spend with the Lake2Lake group is one of the best family weekends we have every year, and we feel blessed to get the opportunity to connect with this group every year.

Dor’Ann Russouw