Saturday Night

Eagle Bay Camp sits on the south shores of Shuswap Lake and will mark the overnight destination for riders.


Light snacks, chocolate milk and water will be available after the ride; and dinner Saturday evening & breakfast Sunday morning are provided.


Optional free 20 minute session with a student from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy before dinner.


After-dinner program includes draws for a variety of donated items, a short presentation on Wellspring’s work, presentation of The Wellspring Cup trophy and other fundraising prizes, and a campfire at the lakeside (weather-permitting).


Accommodation at Eagle Bay Camp is dorm style in one of two types:

  • A room in the Lodge. 4 people per room in bunk beds with en-suite toilet, sink and shower (first come, first served).
  • A cabin. 8-10 people per cabin in bunk beds. There is a separate shower block nearby with sinks & toilets.
  • Riders have priority.  However, if there is room, families may also be accommodated and may register as guests during the rider registration sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: You must bring your own towel, pillow, bedding (or sleeping bag) and personal effects. Please make sure your stuff is well contained (a rubbermaid tub works well) and is clearly labeled. There will be a vehicle located a the start of the ride that you can load your stuff into. It will transport all materials to Eagle Bay Camp.

Room check-in will take place upon your arrival. Check-out is immediately after breakfast.

Eagle Bay Camp is a non-smoking, non-alcohol facility.